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A Four Star Affair Will Shoot New Video at X Bar Show June 16

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San Jose pop-punkers A Four Star Affair will be shooting a scene for their next video at their X Bar show Saturday. Considering that their first video—which came out earlier this year, for “The Group W Bench”—was a hoot, it’s probably worth getting in on. Don’t know if they’ll have mimes, Robin Hood and zombies this time, but I have a feeling it will be just as ADD and funny as the other one.

They humbly request that attendees for this all-ages show come dressed up “like this is a Hollywood premiere,” which gives you an idea of the red-carpet concept they’re going for.

These four guys can barely keep a straight face sometimes, but damn they’ve been working hard lately. They successfully raised enough money through Kickstarter to fund their second EP, A Tragedy Like Me, which is their best batch yet of soaring, sweet-as-candy pop-punk. More fun than Taking Back Sunday, but in the same vein, they haven’t changed their basic mission since 2010’s debut EP If I Can’t Have You No One Can, but they’ve matured—even though that it seems wrong to use that word in the same sentence as “A Four Star Affair”—quite a bit. Pounders, Fabulous Under Fire and Highway Music open.

A Four Star Affair performs at X Bar in Cupertino on Saturday at 8:30pm; $9.

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