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With ‘Soul Therapy’ a Hit, DJs Launch ‘Sunday Sessions’ at Myth

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Marcus Adams, aka DJ Nappy, brought the Soul Therapy crew together and is now taking them to Sunday afternoons.

Marcus Adams, aka DJ Nappy, brought the Soul Therapy crew together and is now taking them to Sunday afternoons.

When Marcus Adams, better known as DJ Nappy, put together the first Soul Therapy nights at Roux on Santana Row, he didn’t know he was kickstarting a mini-revolution on the club scene.

But he did know who had his back. He teamed up with some of his favorite veteran South Bay DJs—Wen Davis, Goldenchyld, Rated R and Remedy—and invited them to play pretty much whatever they wanted.

When Soul Therapy moved to Fridays at Myth, there were suddenly lines around the block to see Adams’ crew re-writing the rules of what was allowed to be played in a downtown club on a weekend night.

But still, that wasn’t enough. “Nighttime, we’re still kind of restricted,” says Adams about the impetus for the collective’s new afternoon party, Sunday Sessions, which will be held every second Sunday of the month starting May 13, at 2pm. “Daytime, there’s no restrictions. Musically, we’re going to take you even farther.”

Adams saw the cookie-cutter approach that Soul Therapy had risen up in response to was also plaguing the daytime party circuit.

“All the day parties now in the Bay Area, they’re all electro-house. Everyone’s trying to imitate Vegas,” says Adams. “We’re not in Vegas.”

Instead, Sunday Sessions will continue to mine the vast musical territory that Soul Therapy has, adding to the base of soul, hip-hop, and R&B with more reggae and eclectic choices. Picture A Tribe Called Quest bumping up against Bob Marley, Drake, Madonna and Erykah Badu, and you start to get the picture.

“We’re going to hit every part of the musical spectrum,” says Adams.

“Feel good music for Sundays” is what DJ Rated R, aka Raul Montes, calls it. “It’s pretty much whatever we want to play, to be honest.”

After working together for Soul Therapy, and even before—Montes and Adams were the longest-running DJs at Agenda, and the whole crew has known each other for years—the group has developed a bond.

“We’ve all been doing this for a while, and we all trust each other,” says Montes. “We all know the music, that’s what it comes down to.”

Adams knows it’s all about the talent. “I’m very blessed to have Raul, Dominic and the crew I have working with me,” he says. “What I like the most about this group is everyone is humble. No one’s trying to one up the next DJ. I have a very talented crew. They all have different styles, and they all complement each other.”

Adams knows a bit about Sunday afternoon club parties—he did a reggae-themed one at Sabor for 13 years. He plans to bring the same vibe that succeeded for so long there to the Sunday Sessions.

“It’s not our party,” he says. “It’s the people party.”

Sunday Sessions will debut Sunday, May 13, at Myth Lounge, San Jose, 2pm; free.

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