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Streetlight Records to Host Sigur Rós Listening Party

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Sigur Rós’s second album, Agætis byrjun (1999) was awarded Iceland’s best album of the century. Yes, that is a real award. And that’s saying a lot considering Iceland gave the world Bjork, not that Bjork isn’t adored in Iceland. There’s just something about the gorgeous, atmospheric slow-buildups of Sigur Rós songs that drive Icelanders crazy.

Streetlight is hosting a sneak peek at the latest Sigur Rós record, Valtari, on May 17, almost two weeks before its scheduled May 29 release. Plus, those who attend will be entered in a drawing to win a test pressing of the album on vinyl.

This listening session is part of an international promotion that will be occurring at different record stores and specially chosen sites all over the world. Each participating location will stream the album in their respective time zones and one person from each location will leave with a test pressing of the album on vinyl.

is the first album from the band in four years. Since the late 90s, Sigur Rós have challenged listeners with 10-minute long songs that move at a snail’s pace and are highlighted with Jónsi Birgisson’s unusual falsetto voice. With influences ranging from Radiohead to classical music, Sigur Rós have made an unlikely impact on the states, not to mention the world, especially considering that they are a non-English band. Will Valtari be voted best Icelandic album this century? We’ll find out in another 88 years.

For more information, check out Streetlight’s Facebook event site.

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