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Interview: Why Nothing Comes Between The Real McKenzies and Their Kilts

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“They were aghast that we would do that. ‘You’re making a mockery of this’ and ‘you’re ruining our music.’ I said ‘hey, look around you, these kids are into old songs, and they’re the future. So stick it up your kiester where the sun don’t shine.’ Along comes two ancient grannies. You could tell they were really hot chicks in their day, right? They come up and say ‘Excuse me, Mr. McKenzie, we missed the Fuzzy Bum Competition, we couldn’t get our asses out in time. Could you do it again?’ I said ‘By all means ladies. By all means.’”

The Real McKenzies play the Blank Club on Tuesday, May 22, 8pm; $13/$15.

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