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Dirtbag Dan Falls at ATL Rap Battle; ‘On to the Next One’

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The results of the Red Bull 2012 Emsee battle are in. Local battle rapper Dirtbag Dan was one of eight rappers to compete for the title of best freestyle rapper in the country on Tuesday after winning the previous round in Southern California a year ago. He unfortunately did not win, and went out in the first round against Hostyle (who went on to be the runner up.) The winner this year was Philadelphia rapper, Mic Stew, a relatively new name in battle rap.

“It was weird as hell, but a good time nonetheless,” Dan says. “It was still a magical night. In the end, random no-name homie took it by using a line about his own mother who was in the front row, along with 30 or 40 of his homies. At the end of the day, I’m still DBD and they’re still them. I can live with that.”

The finals had been delayed for almost a year, presumably so they could lock down Eminem, who had been advertised as the main judge for the competition. But Eminem was a no-show. No explanation was given for his absence. It’s unclear at this point if the competition will still air on G4 as a six-part mini-series. With Eminem no longer part of the finals, doubts are high.

The grand prize for winning this year’s Red Bull competition, according to Red Bull’s website is, “a trip to LA to record at Red Bull Studio with a headlining producer of their choice.” Unfortunately, for everyone in San Jose, that person is not Dirtbag Dan, but not to worry, he never dwells on the past for very long.

“God bless everyone in the ZAE for supporting,” he says. “On to the next one.”

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