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A Message from Bassnectar Regarding Santa Cruz, San Jose Shows

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After the last-minute cancelation of the Bassnectar show in Santa Cruz that was scheduled for tomorrow, the EDM producer posted a message on his Facebook page calling city officials “shameful” for they way they treat artists, fans and the music community and announcing two new shows at The Catalyst, May 6 and 7.

From Bassnectar:

“Basically, there is a very vague city ordinance #9.36.010 which
makes it nearly impossible to have a concert at the Civic Center
(unless it is like a gentle jazz show, or a poetry reading). It most
definitely makes it impossible to have a Bassnectar experience, or any
kind of EDM show. Now had they told us this 6 months ago when we
booked the show, that would have been understandable (it still would
have been weird, because we already did one successful show at the
Civic Center, and are not going to play music any louder than last
time) but having this happen so last minute is basically putting us in
a very difficult situation. Now they have told us we will be shut down
if we play at our normal volume (the same volume we played at last
time, and the same volume we play at in cities all across the
country), forcing the show to be cancelled. We offered to start way
earlier than normal, and to have music end by 10pm, and they had zero
interest in finding a solution.”

Santa Cruz Weekly reports that there was an issue with monitoring noise levels at the show, quoting Civic Auditorium manager Andy Botsford: ““He was very firm that he didn’t want to compromise on his artistic integrity,” which could have included a request to turn the music down if it was too loud. It’s unkown why the issue wasn’t resolved between the Civic, the promoter Goldenvoice and Bassnectar’s management when the show was booked several months ago. Civic Auditorium manager Andy Botsford says she got word Monday that the show was cancelled and that talks continued on Tuesday, according to the Santa Cruz Weekly.

In other news, the show in San Jose is now officially sold out, but bleachers were removed to create more floor space. Read the complete message on Bassnectar’s Facebook page.

Matt Crawford is the Director of Digital Media for Metro Newspapers. Follow him @Metro_Matt.

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