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‘Jersey Shore’ Spinoff at Studio 8: JROC, What Do You Do?

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MTV- Pauly D

Turntablism has truly taken a turn for the weird when it’s the basis for a Jersey Shore spinoff. And yet, that’s exactly what’s happening with The Pauly D Project, in which MTV took the only vaguely likable member of the Shore cast and decided to create another reality show around his attempt to become a super-famous DJ.

Pointless, yes, since he is already a superfamous TV star, but nonetheless it’s provided a pop-culture springboard for his pals like Jason Craig, a.k.a. JROC. Craig is now doing personal appearances like his gig at Studio 8 on Friday.

The thing is, whatever you think of his skills, Pauly D is at least known as a DJ. JROC is known as a marketing executive. He produces big Vegas parties and knows all the hot spots—that’s what got him in with Pauly D in the first place. (Canadians who may have somehow managed to avoid addiction to Jersey Shore and its tentacle-like hold on pop culture can rest assured I am not talking about their J-Roc, an accomplished DJ of the ghetto-funk school.) So what exactly is JROC going to do at Studio 8? Will he spin a set, as some of the other Jersey Shorers have done on their stops in San Jose? Is there some actual artistic ambition under that perma-shadow? Stay tuned.

JROC comes to Studio 8 on Friday, April 20. 9pm; free until 10pm.
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