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Interview: J Boogie Brings Moombahton, Moombahsoul Sounds to South Bay

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Those in the Bay Area scene may wonder what exactly J Boogie would have to prove, having reached a level most DJs only dream of. But his ambition extends far beyond his hometown, where he got his start on KUSF with the “Beatsauce” show in the ’90s.

“With artists in the Bay, you hit a pleateau and sometimes you feel like you’ve done enough. But I really want to do something new, take my music in a new direction and show people I can grow and advance,” he says.

Outside of his home domain, his fondness for the cutting edge can actually work against him sometimes.

“Most DJs now have a label you can describe them with, they have a scene and a group of people that relates to them. If you ask somebody what kind of DJ Bassnectar is, they’re going to be able to tell you ‘he plays this kind of music, it sounds like this.’ I don’t fit into that little box. It’s a blessing and a curse,” he says.

But it’s definitely not going to change. “I think I’d get a little bored if I only listened to reggae or I only listened to hip-hop, or only listened to house or dubstep. I’m not that kind of listener; I have to hear a lot of different sounds and things happening for my own personal enjoyment,” says Boland. “And also, I’m aware of the boundaries, but also the similarities of each type of music. Look at how Baltimore club has gone everywhere from bounce to Miami bass to baile funk. Everything really does correlate. I just try to sew that together so people can see it.“

For this show, the Pagoda’s monthly D1ME night has been redubbed “Dee-may,” which is Spanish for “tell me.” Oakland Spanish-language rappers Los Rakas will also perform, and the show will benefit the new School of Arts and Culture at Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose.

J Boogie performs Friday, April 6, at Pagoda Lounge, 9pm; $5-$10 sliding scale.

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