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‘Daydream Nation’ Series Begins at San Pedro Square with Dogcatcher

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“That dude didn’t have to miss me. That could happen anytime. Nothing you can do. Might as well enjoy what you got. Might as well do things the way you want to,” Heine says.

After moving back to Mountain View, Heine recorded KILR was some old friends, dubbing the project Dogcatcher. While KILR is eclectic and sprinkled with elements of blues and jazz, it is by and large a lush, beautiful folk-centric album.

The freedom Heine experienced to follow his passions also gave him the freedom to not feel pressure to be confined musically. After making Dogcatcher a more official group, the four-piece allowed their sound to change significantly, even when playing songs off of KILR. Most of the folk-sounds were replaced with elements of soul, giving the live sound a very groove-centric, rhythm-section-oriented blend of rock n’ roll and R & B. Yet the songs still remain full of understated emotion and philosophically depth.

Of course, Heine switched to the Rhodes organ after guitarist Ryan Kingsmith joined the group, which naturally changed the sound. “The Rhodes lends itself more to a soul kind of thing than folk,” Heine says.

The current lineup of Dogcatcher have been in place for about a year and are finishing up a new record which better reflects this new sound.

Dogcatcher performs Sat., April 28, at San Pedro Square Market, 7pm; free; all ages.

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