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San Jose’s Them Rude Boys Evolve Sound, Showcase Hometown in New Video

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“To be honest, at first I thought it was kind of stupid. I was like ‘I don’t know about that,’” says Castout. “But we started using it, and then I wrote ‘Rude Boy Radio,’ and that got on Live 105, and got us onto BFD. It just kind of stuck.”

Weirdly, a messy divorce with Cardenas almost led to two incarnations of the band, one with a “z” at the end, like it was first spelled, and one with an “s.” Thankfully, that never materialized, but Castout kept the “Boys” spelling in the end, and is glad he did.

That situation also led to Castout and bassist Frank Stax bracing themselves for a long drummer audition ordeal, but somehow hitting the jackpot with Justin Estep, formerly of local ska legends Janitors Against Apartheid, and more recently in the metal band Thunderhorse.

“Me and Frank were like ‘oh great, here we go, the drummer search. We’ll have to go thorugh a million guys,’” says Castout. “Then lo and behold, we put up this Craigslist and the first guy who hit us up was Justin. He came down, and it worked perfectly. I don’t think we could have gotten anybody better. He’s a super cool dude, very down to Earth, an amazing drummer.”

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