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‘Retro Pop’ Show Brings ’60s Sound, Fashion Back to San Jose

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The Inciters headline 'Retro Pop' at the Landmark Ballroom in San Jose on Saturday.

The Inciters headline 'Retro Pop' at the Landmark Ballroom in San Jose on Saturday.

Music and fashion have always been closely linked, especially when looking back at an era. Local promoter Chris Esparza and Studio Glam hair stylist Liz Damron wanted to emphasize that connection at this weekend’s Retro Pop show at San Jose’s Landmark Ballroom.

“I’m always interested in how music sets the stage and sets the atmosphere for things,” says Esparza.

Though this is the first year Esparza and Damron have organized Retro Pop, they hope to make it an annual event. Every year, they will explore the music, fashion and pop culture of a different decade. This year’s theme is the 1960s, featuring everything from go-go-dancer outfits to hippie clothes to the sleek Mad Men-era high fashion of New York.

Every detail of the event will be about the ’60s, down to the appetizers and old school cocktails. Esparza is hoping that people won’t just attend the event, but really be a part of the fun.

“San Jose doesn’t always have a lot of opportunities to show off its style, so we’re hoping people will get into the look and dress up in their best 60s outfits,” he says.

The main event for the night is a 30-minute, 1960s fashion show. But live bands include the Inciters (Otis Redding-era soul music) and the Champions Inc (traditional Jamaican ska and reggae) Also Derek See (known for his 60s girl-group, The Bang, and a large collection of ’60 tunes) will be spinning records between acts.

‘Retro Pop’ will be held Sat., March 24 at Landmark Ballroom in San Jose, 8pm; $8/$10.

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