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Review: Japantown Beer Walk

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Japantown Beer Walk

The Japantown Beer Walk sold out early on Saturday, signaling a success for organizers and leaving many people who showed up hoping to purchase tickets on site crying in their beer somewhere else.

Everyone was on their best behavior and sunshine was plentiful during event, featuring California craft-brews and Japanese classics. With 500 people in attendance, the streets of Japantown looked uncommonly busy that Saturday afternoon. Hopefully, the Beer Walk introduced some new folks to the area and crowds will become a regular thing.

Jack’s Bar served as the staging point for the event. ID’s were checked at the door and glasses and maps of participating businesses were given out on the back patio. Upon visiting all the shops offering beers and getting their maps stamped, attendees could enter a raffle. It was like a leisurely Easter egg hunt with delicious beer on every corner.

Venues that hosted the event included a variety of Japantown businesses. From retail locations like Biscuits, Chole’s Closet and Cukui, to Classic Rock (a local jeweler), and Empire 7 Studios (an art gallery).

If you were one of the many who tried fruitlessly to get a ticket the day of the event, don’t fret. Organizers say another Japantown Beer Walk is in the works and tentatively scheduled for this spring.

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