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Motorhead Joins Megadeth for Gigantour at San Jose State Event Center

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Motorhead plays Thursday with Megadeth at the San Jose State Event Center.

Motorhead plays Thursday with Megadeth at the San Jose State Event Center.

By all accounts, Lemmy Kilmister should be dead. He drinks a fifth of Jack Daniel’s a day, been smoking since he was 11 and eats only meat and cheese. Anthrax’s Scott Ian put it best when he said Motorhead is one of those metal bands that’s cool for the punks to like. They’re fast, dirty, and louder than a 747. Lemmy, however, has always said Motorhead is not metal band, they’re a rock ‘n’ roll band. They’ll play Thursday at the San Jose State Event Center as part of Megadeth’s Gigantour.

With more than 30 years under their belt and over 20 albums, they show no signs of slowing down. After being fired from Hawkwind in 1975, for “doing the wrong drugs,” Lemmy formed Motorhead, a name derived from a slang term for speed freaks and a song he had written. Throughout their career, they’ve spawned numerous iconic songs, including “Bomber,” “Killed by Death,” “Overkill,” and, of course, their signature “Ace of Spades.”

Also performing at this Gigantour show is Megadeth, a band Dave Mustaine formed out of spite after being fired from Metallica. He wanted to be faster, heavier, and was out for their blood. Their second album, 1986’s Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying? is an essential thrash metal assault, and 1990’s Rust in Peace is the highlight of their career.

Danish rockers Volbeat and Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil start things off. – Beau Dowling

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