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K-Von Keeps Radio Alive With ‘The Modern Things’ on KSCU

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Searching for new and exciting music can sometimes be an arduous task. Most of the radio stations that inhabit our airspace rely on tired playlists that are incessantly repeated ad nauseam. Commercial radio can turn even a good tune into something resembling a flavorless breaded cutlet by constantly repeating the same thing over and over again. Luckily there is hope for music lovers, in the form of a show called “The Modern Things,” broadcasted by KSCU 103.3 and hosted by K-Von.

The three-hour show airs Fridays at noon and features music from up-and-coming artists, along with new tracks from established acts. Besides music, K-Von invites guest likes of Holy Ghost!, DJ Shadow, Dredg, The Limousines, The Velvet Teen and many others for on-air appearances. The show recently celebrated its four-year anniversary.

Currently, K-Von has set his sights on Australian acts such as, Cut Copy, Empire Of The Sun, Flight Facilities, New Navy, Strange Talk, Bag Raiders and The Presets, all of which make outstanding music you won’t hear regularly on commercial radio. K-Von has the uncanny skill of recognizing excellent music way before it makes it into regular rotation on other stations. He recognized the pop sensibility of The Limousines before any other DJ and even released their EP Scrapbook and full-length Get Sharp on 12” vinyl. His limited-edition releases are coveted by collectors and sell out quickly.

Apart from delivering new music to his listeners every Friday, K-Von also indulges in often-charming banter about whatever is on his mind, be it his thoughts on the XL Chalupa or the new Ladyhawke single (both of which fell short of his expectations), K-Von tells it how it is, and it’s often funny.

Most people would think that having a popular radio show, hanging out with famous musicians and getting to DJ all over the place would get to someone’s head. In his case, K-Von says, “No, nothing goes to my head. My friends constantly remind me of how much I suck.”

Maybe that constant reminder from friends is the force that drives K-Von to sit and listen through all the albums coming out. Maybe that is why he’s dedicated himself to searching through countless tracks to find those rare gems that shine above the rest. Maybe, K-Von needs to get some new friends that won’t bag on him constantly. He’s available from noon three every Friday if you want to call into the KSCU studios and let him know he’s doing a good job.

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