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From Rap To Jam-Rock, Rebelskamp Can’t Stop Freestyling

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“It completely evolves, too. It might start out sounding like one kind of genre and depending on what each person adds, it can transform into something completely different,” says cello player Natasha Littlewood.

In order to create so many unique sounding songs, they follow the freestyle strategy of pulling every detail from their environment to stream together cleverly rhyming sentences. Whether it’s the mood of the club, a belligerent drunk or just the weather outside, It’s all fodder for their music.

For instance, they’ve played shows at Tres Gringos where the Sharks game was playing on the screen at the same time. Rather than try and fight it, their music follows right along with the highs and lows of the game. They even incorporated the Sharks theme song in at one moment.

“We are all psychic. That’s why the crowd affects us so much, cause we’re psychically in tune with the atmosphere,” says Gilardoni.

This flexibility on their part has led to some wholly unique shows. They played on Valentine’s Day once to an empty night club and two lonely drunks at the bar. All the songs that night were melancholy brokenhearted love songs. They played a different show on Christmas where everyone was having a blast, but hurting from the recession. They spontaneously made up several funny, bluesy Christmas songs like, “We Cancelled Christmas,” “I Didn’t Buy Anybody Presents” and “Ho Ho Ho, Bitches.”

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