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Derek See On The Bang’s New Lineup, Leaving Careless Hearts and Playing with Iggy Pop

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The retro-’60s style of the band is the same—“still guys in suits and women in minis,” as he puts it. But the sound has noticeably expanded.

“I think we have a lot more dynamic range now,” he says. “There’s still that garage-y drive behind everything, but we can be more subtle.”

They’re still doing the covers they’re known for, like “Be My Baby” and “I’m A Good Woman,” and have been writing new songs, too. Not to mention that See and King got married in September, although that hasn’t had a big effect on their music.

“We really try not to be a couple when we’re doing band things,” he says.

If all of that weren’t enough, See also split with his longtime band, the popular Careless Hearts, last year. Though they started as a rootsy group, the Hearts’ last 3-song EP reflected the influence of the Stooges, not a total shock since they performed as a Stooges cover band with James Williamson on guitar at a now rather famous Blank Club show. More and more, though, See felt conflicted about the direction the band was moving in musically.

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